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DW has empowered people all over the world to discover a new “DW” and enabled them to turn their “Setbacks into Comebacks”. With David from a young age has had a heart to impact and helped transform many lives in his local community as well as at a national level including Breaking a Guinness world record for most families learning about Financial literacy together.

From a young age, the value of making a meaningful impact was instilled in me by my family. My grandfather and parents, always extending a helping hand to those in need, laid the foundation for my life’s work. For nearly two decades, our annual holiday drive has brought joy and relief to countless children and families, illuminating their holiday season with warmth and generosity.

In memory of my brother, whose compassionate spirit continues to inspire us, we have established a scholarship fund. To date, we’ve awarded over $50,000 in scholarships, enabling bright futures in his honor. Our commitment extends to integrating a ‘for-purpose’ approach in our businesses, from providing scholarships through our insurance agencies to aiding at-risk youth and veterans in building successful careers by showing up above the rest during the job interview process.

Through our companies we have provided many life changing opportunities for those that didn’t have a defined career path in life that are now 7-8 figure business owners making their own impact on the world.

Our philanthropic journey doesn’t stop there. I have proudly served on the board of the Boys and Girls Club for over five years, spearheading various kindness initiatives that have resonated throughout our community. Our most ambitious project to date is the youth/family impact project, launched in collaboration with celebrity life coach Tim Storey. This initiative, through the 5th Degree Academy, offers invaluable life lessons not typically taught in schools – from career advancement and financial management to entrepreneurship and healthy living.

A testament to our efforts was setting a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of families learning about financial literacy together. This achievement underlines our commitment to empowering communities with knowledge and skills that last a lifetime.

As we move forward, our goal remains steadfast: to leave a legacy of profound impact, transforming lives and communities through dedicated service and education. It’s not just about what we do, but the lasting imprint we leave behind, shaping a better, more compassionate world.


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