Culture-influencing Thought Leader, Innovator, Life and Business Strategist

David excels as a mentor and coach, guiding both new and seasoned entrepreneurs, as well as executives in the corporate world seeking to advance their careers. He is recognized as a culture-influencing thought leader, life and business strategist, and an engaging speaker and counselor. His insights and coaching are particularly sought after by high-profile individuals aspiring for more in their professional and personal live.

David’s expertise is comprehensive, encompassing a range of critical business areas. He is adept at hiring and scaling high-performance teams, a skill vital for organizational growth. In the dynamic sectors of real estate and Airbnb, David has demonstrated a keen ability to navigate and capitalize on market trends. His approach to company culture fosters environments where creativity and productivity thrive.

Moreover, David’s proficiency extends to sales training, where he equips teams with strategies to excel in competitive markets. He is skilled in developing efficient processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), ensuring operational excellence. His flair for brand building and design is evident in his ability to create compelling brand narratives and visuals. David also excels in creative problem-solving, offering innovative solutions to complex challenges. Furthermore, his knowledge in software development underscores his versatility and understanding of the digital landscape.

In essence, David is a multifaceted professional whose broad range of skills and experiences make him an invaluable asset to those looking to elevate their careers or businesses to new heights.


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